b2b update plans

After a lot of work, the toddler pages are nearly ready!

The next steps will be to finish the Baby FAQs, and then refresh the 3-5 pages with more info on behaviour and executive function.

As always, please keep giving suggestions of what you’d like to see on the site

Here is a schedule of when we hope this work will be done by …


Update Schedule
Toddler text end of June
Toddler layout improvements end of August
Baby FAQs end of August
Refresh of 3-5 sections end of September

New content coming …

Lots of work over the summer, so look out for pages soon on:

  • games for babies!
  • preschoolers and behaviour
  • language development for children in Gaelic Medium settings
  • ditto for children learning English as an additional language

Also pages covering toddlers are being worked on and will be launched in the autumn

Please keep telling us what you’d like on the site using this link


b2b is growing!

Eagle eyes will see that from today, the bumps2bairns.com site has changed a bit.

This is so that we can now cover the first year or so of life, as well as the preschool years.

If you have been using the site for the Developmental Overviews and ideas for strategies, these are still here!  Though the menu structure is a little different.

If you are wanting to try out the Babies and Infants pages, please do – but be aware these are under test and not complete.  If in doubt, always consult a Health Visitor or GP.

And please do leave feedback and suggestions on the dedicated page – especially if the new layout is too bewildering.