Snuggle and squeeze!

Most homes have a cushion or two, some blankets or a duvet cover.  Very comfortable, but also brilliant ways for young children to learn

Feeling bad?  Give the cushion a good hug.  Squeeze it as hard as you can, it doesn’t mind.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Make a den out of a sheet and a broom handle, or a pile of cushions.  It can be a place to chill out, feel safe, read a book or watch what everyone else is up to!

Feeling bored?  How many times can you wrap a sheet or blanket around yourself.  How many times round your mum or dad?  They can count along with you.  Oh, and don’t forget to spin as you unwind it

So we’ve learned about feelings and how to cope, about building things and a little science and maths too.  Not bad for a rainy day