These pages have been assembled by a range of specialists to support parents and those who work with young children.  There has been consultation with parents and with Health Visitors, Early Years Practitioners and others.  All information has been checked through a peer review process, and harmonised so that advice from different specialists is complementary rather than conflicting.

Contributors have included:

  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Early Years Education Support Officers
  • Staff in Early Learning and Childcare Settings
  • Care and Learning Alliance
  • Health Improvement Specialists
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Community Early Years Practitioners
  • Dieticians
  • Pre-school Home Visiting Teacher Service
  • Health Visitors

The Developmental Overviews were put together in Highland and tested using the Model for Improvement, with contributions from those mentioned above.

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The overall editor is James McTaggart, Early Years Educational Psychologist, who can be contacted through the feedback form.

If you are not from the Highland area, then you are of course welcome to use these pages, but are asked to acknowledge and attribute anything that you take from them.