Jumping Words!

What has jumping got to do with learning to read and spell? Good question!

If you have ever been abroad or heard a foreign language being spoken, it can be difficult to pick out the individual words

It’s like that for young children – they don’t always know consciously where one word ends and another starts. And this is really important for later literacy

Sounds boring? Nothing to do with play?

Today our Speech and Language Therapy colleagues have come up with a great set of games for learning about word boundaries. Once you get going, be warned, your child may not want to stop!

If your child does not get the idea, or does not enjoy it – never mind. Cuddle up and read a favourite story instead, it is just as good!


Ally Bally

On Thursdays, we usually have a rhyme and it is a lovely Scots one today

Not everyone will know the tune or the words, so the sheet includes a link to a video – you can sing along with your child until you get confident

It is fun to sing, and bounce to, and there is a lots of learning about sounds and about money

As well as a chance to have fun with the words and exploring the culture and history around them if your child is interested

Hairy Maclary

A story today that will make us laugh, while stretching our memories and showing us how stories and sequences fit together

All poor Hairy Maclary and his friends want to do is explore the town

But they get a terrible fright …

You can listen to and read the story with your child using the link below – and then see how your own explorations go! A chance as well to talk about friends, the things that might scare us, and how we can all be safe together

Where’s that sheep?

A fun rhyme today about some naughty sheep who get lost – poor Little Bo Peep!

Losing things and finding them is all part of life, and this is a gentle way for children to learn about it and how to cope

And we have some ideas for turning this into a game of hide-and-seek, or lose-and-seek, that you can play indoors or out

If playing outdoors, always follow the latest health advice of course