Small chefs, big learning

It is sometimes easy to feel that the work of feeding children is never done

No sooner have they claimed they don’t have room for another bit of veg, than they want a snack

As well as fuel, snacks are great ways to learn.  Here are just two things:


It’s a good chance for a chat.  Sitting next to each other, or at the table, is a great way to talk.  Doesn’t matter what about, let your child lead and respond to what they have to say

You can find some tips for chatting here if you want to know more


The second thing?  Preparing the snack develops those fine motor skills.  Maybe they can help lay out the things, or stirring.  Or have a go at cutting some fruit or veg, or opening the packet.  It might take longer or need a bit of tidying up, but it pays back in learning and in being together

A bonus bit of maths

OK, a third thing!  Putting out one cup for each person, or one spoon for every plate is a brilliant foundation for later maths.  It’s called one-to-one correspondence and is used eventually in counting and even in algebra

Tastes good, too