Being choosy!

Every day we make hundreds of choices without even noticing – getting out of bed, having another cup of coffee, or deciding the potatoes are probably done

What adults forget is that children need to learn to choose.  Otherwise we get stuck, or flit about, or feel out of control

So today’s post is all about how to be choosy.  Offer your child small choices they can manage.  “Do you want apple or banana?”  “Show me how much milk you want”

And look at what toys etc you have out.  Is there so much it is hard for your child to choose what to do, so they keep changing?  Or are they making a mess looking for the one thing they want?  Can you help them say what it is, and to find it?

A great place for learning to choose is outdoors.  There is so much interesting to do, to look at and to chat about.  So if the day seems to be getting stuck, get the coat and wellies on and out you go!