Toddler draft

Being a toddler can be tough! You’re not a baby anymore, but there are so many things you’re not big enough to do yet! You can move around, but people won’t always let you – you’ve got so much to say, but not enough words to say it with. And you are feeling more in control, but don’t know how to handle it.

So being a parent of a toddler can be tough too! There are great moments, and then it can all seem to be going wrong. On these pages are some ideas to help you and your toddler find all you need to make these months as happy and fruitful as only they can be.

Click below for ideas on whichever area you are interested in. And please do leave us feedback and suggestions, or let us know if there are things you think we should cover as well

Firstly, about your child …

Movement & Coordination


Routines & Sleep


Confidence & Curiosity


Behaviour & tantrums


Playing together


Food & Health


Talking & chatting


Screens & TV


Books and stories

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And also some things that parents often find themselves thinking about …

Going back to work?


Childcare & nursery


Should my child be …