Going back to work?

The only right choice here is the one that works for you and for your family.

Some parents need to get back to work really quickly after a baby is born – either because their employer expects it, or because they need the money. There is no need to feel guilty about this – earning money is a way of caring for your baby. Also, it is perfectly OK to want to go back to work for your own reasons.

Other families, with two parents, decide that one partner will work, and the other will stay at home. This can work well, as long as the one who works does not feel out of touch, and the one with the children does not feel isolated. Some “getting home from work” routines can be helpful.

Other parents decide they will put off going back to work to stay with their children full time. It is a valid choice too.

Starting childcare and nursery can bring big changes, so this page has some ideas on these

Parents who work all day sometimes have high hopes of fun and bonding in the evening – your child has been “working” too, so won’t always be up for lots of activity – it may be better to wind down together so as not to be disappointed