Routines can save a lot of time for you, and they are also great for helping your child know what’s going on. They are also a first step towards your child becoming more independent.

Some routines, like winding down for bed also help with important things like getting to sleep.

Children pick up routines if they are regular, always the same, and if you talk through each stage as you do it. “first socks, then shoes”

For some routines, like dressing, your child will gradually want to take charge and do things for themselves. This is great, let them do this, and you can always straighten things later.

It can be helpful to give your child the last stage to do – e.g., to have a go at the last button or fastener. Don’t push this too fast – if they think they’ve done it, but actually you have, this still grows their independence.

Here are some of the important ones toddlers tend to need help with:

Bedtime Mealtimes
Going out Tidying up
Getting dressed Going on journeys