Going out

Leaving the house or flat with your toddler can seem more complicated and difficult than a military campaign – and involve more equipment!

The more organised you are, the easier it will be to support your child through the process. Putting coats, shoes, etc back in their place after each outing will make the next one easier.

Also, it can take some of the stress out if you plan for more time than you need – so if you are going out at 10am, and you know it usually takes 10 minutes to get ready, allow for 15!

The difficulties of going out tend to come down to one of the following:

Issues Solutions
Your child is doing something else and won’t stop Give plenty of warning for a coming change, do this several times until it is time to go
Tell the story of what you are going out to do, why it will be fun, and when you will be back – keep sentences short and simple so your child understands
Make getting ready interesting – give your child tasks to do as part of it
Try to avoid bribery conversations, but sometimes it is all that works
Toddler takes too long to get ready Balance letting them do what they can (the last button? Putting on a shoe?) with helping them (most of the buttons, tying the shoe)
Be prepared for your child to insist on doing some things for themselves – it is part of growing independence and is a good thing really, even if not right now
Accept that it does take this long for now, and allow more time!
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