Play with your baby

Why play?

Play is fun for you and for your baby! It is also how your baby learns about the world, about themselves, and how to talk and listen.

Babies can learn to entertain themselves, but the most learning happens when they are playing with you.

One thing to be sure of, is that the TV or an app is no substitute for time with an adult – whatever the adverts say, research shows that playing with you is what makes the difference. Experts argue about whether infants should use screens at all – click here for our advice if you are concerned.

Keep it simple, and keep it cheap!

You don’t need expensive toys or clever techniques.  Babies love repetition, so simple games are just great. You can play them over and over – even if you get bored, your baby will not. It is all learning.

What can I do?

First off, relax – if you are gentle and quiet and looking for fun, you can’t do this wrong. But there are some things that work really well. Playing together goes best during a quiet time when you can be face to face. And here are some ideas for what to play …

Games babies love!

Try these and see if your baby enjoys them …

Younger babies

Older babies