Quiet time

Being a parent means a very busy day with lots to fit in!  Many parents feel they are not doing enough, or as if one more task would finish them off.

Sometimes doing less is best.  Having a quiet time to play together each day helps both you and your baby. It can be a moment of peace for you, and for your baby it is a chance to really hear your voice clearly

It is important because babies are easily distracted by noise.  If the TV is on, or the washing machine, your baby will find it hard to listen to you.  Even a short quiet time to talk and play each day helps build the attention skills your baby will need for the future.

Here are some ideas to try:

  • build a quiet time into your daily routines – could be after a feed, when your partner gets home from work, after bath and before bed, during tummy time – whenever works for you
  • don’t try and do too much.  It is better to do 10 minutes every day than try and do 3 hours and end up doing none!
  • TURN OFF your mobile phone, the TV, any other noisy machine – or go into another room
  • If you have other kids, they can join in and copy what you do – or play by themselves just for a bit