Eating well in tough times

It can be anyone

Many families go through tough times when money is tight. How to feed the children and make sure everyone is healthy can be a big extra worry

You might not have paid work right now, or be on a low wage. Perhaps you can’t get the hours you need, or they are not guaranteed so you can never be sure how much money there is each week.

Or you may just have too many bills to deal with, debts to pay off, or a sudden expensive need like repairing a car or replacing a washing machine

It can be really hard for parents when they end up with a choice between eating and heating, or start to go without themselves so the kids can still eat.

The costs of food

The aim of these pages is to give a reminder of ways to make a little go a long way, spend less and still have a tasty, nourishing and satisfying diet for the family.

Some ideas may take you out of your comfort zone with some new foods or methods so it is quite OK to try some and not others, and make small changes as you go

We need to be practical. Good food can be pricey, and not everyone has access to great cooking and storage facilities, or cheap transport to get to the shops. Pots and pans, fridges and freezers cost money. So does energy – what looks like a “budget” recipe suddenly isn’t if you have to cook it for 3 hours in an oven!

Making choices

It is easy to feel stuck, or get into a rut with food that is more expensive and less nutritious. These pages have some ideas that might help.

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What do we need to eat and how to make it cheaper?

Store cupboard ideas

Recipes and tips

Other sources of help

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