Store cupboard ideas

This can be tricky on a budget as to build up a store cupboard means spending money up front. If you can plan for this, and build up gradually, it is often cheaper in the long run

We can split store cupboard ingredients into two types:

Bulk ingredients

These can cover the four main food groups – carbohydrates, dairy, protein and fruit and vegetables

Things that keep for a long time include:

  • beans – canned and dried
  • porridge oats
  • lentils
  • pasta
  • noodles
  • canned tomatoes
  • canned fish
  • canned sweetcorn
  • chick peas
  • rice

Ingredients for good tastes

These depend on what you like, but small amounts added can often add flavour and make basic foods more appealing for children – for example:

  • oils
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • spices
  • dried herbs
  • sugar
  • soy sauce
  • Worcester sauce
  • mustard
  • ketchup
  • stock cubes

Some of these can be expensive but you don’t need every spice. The most useful ones depend on what you want to cook, but even a little chilli powder or cayenne pepper for heat and curry powder or garam masala for flavour can be useful.

Vinegar can be a good alternative to lemon to add a fresh, sour, flavour – there are many types to choose and some are cheaper than others.