Worrying about not breastfeeding?

Am I a bad parent if I don’t choose to breastfeed?

Of course not!  But a lot of parents do think this.

It is a parent choice to make about how to feed the baby, and it involves thinking about lots of different factors.

Sometimes mothers try breastfeeding and, despite a lot of effort and support, find it really difficult.  There is no need to feel bad about this – the main concern is to make sure your baby has the nutrition they need.

Parents also worry about whether it is harder to “bond” with their baby if they do not breastfeed, or if formula feeding will harm their baby’s emotional development.

This is a natural worry, but there are lots of ways you can bond with your baby while bottle feeding. Click here for some ideas.

If you are worried about whether you are a good enough parent, then have a chat with your health visitor who will be able to help you see all the things you are getting just right.