baby regurgitation

This is a common issue and usually not something to worry about.  There are some easy steps you can take to help, and if these do not work, you can easily get support.

Remember, a small amount of bringing up food is normal.

If you are still concerned, then the first step is to check you are not overfeeding.  Look through the ideas below and see what you think.



Babies tummies are very small, and it is easy to over feed without realising.  Sometimes babies are easily comforted with food, and it is natural to think “the more food the better”.

Here are some pictures that shows just how small your baby’s tummy might be:

Baby stomach


So how much should I feed?

Parents are more likely to worry that their baby is not getting enough than that they are getting too much.  But if there is more feed than the tummy can take, back up it comes!

Every baby is different, of course, but in general, a baby needs each day about 150ml of feed for each kg of weight (1 kg=2.2 pounds).

Here is a table to help you work it out:

Weight in kg Weight in pounds Feed per day (ml)
x y z
x y z


If you have checked about overfeeding, and you are still concerned, then click here for the next step.