Enrolling for school in August?

It is the time of year when families are filling in the forms to enrol their children for starting school

This year it may be a little more worrying than usual.

Some parents or carers may be wondering whether their child will be ready or not, especially if they have missed time in nursery.

Nearly all children have experienced some disruption in the last year or so. P1 teachers all know this and they will be ready for the children and take the time that they need to settle in. Schools will be a bit different to usual because we will be adapting to what the children need

Meanwhile there is lots you can do to help through play, games and fun. Just as important, there are some things you really don’t need to worry about!

There are some posters below on how play and talk at home can build foundations for different kinds of learning

Nothing is required or expected, but hopefully some of these ideas will be fun and help deal with any worries you might have.

If you click the image, that will give a pdf that can be printed – and there is a link to a clearer image to view on screen too.

Health & Wellbeing

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Click the image for a printable pdf


Click the image for a printable pdf


Click the image for a printable pdf