Enrolment week thoughts

It is enrolment week in Highland, so an extra post today as this is not a usual year!

Starting school is an exciting time for children and for their families.  It can feel like a big moment and everyone wants it to go well.

This year it might feel like a bigger step than usual.  With time in nursery having been disrupted, not to mention all the other things families have had to think about in the last few months, there may be worries that children will have missed important learning and won’t be ready.

Reasons to be confident

The good news is that in Scotland, nursery and Primary 1 are part of the same Early Level in the curriculum. What this means is that there is not meant to be a big jump on starting school, and Primary 1 teachers make sure that they adapt to each child as they are when they come in.

This will be especially so this year as every child will have had a different set of experiences, and teachers will spend time to get to know them through play to work out what they need to learn.

There isn’t a list of what children have to be able to do when they start school.  So if your child is not doing this or that – or if they seem ahead of your neighbours in some ways and behind in others – it does not matter.

What can families do?

But there are some things you can do to help your child’s learning and development, and these will all help in the move to school.  

The main, and best thing, you can do is to set aside some time each day to play and talk with your child.  Get outside when you can, enjoy some stories and follow their interests wherever this goes.  If you are not sure what to do, then there are lots of activities on www.bumps2bairns to choose from – just use the tags to find something fun

On Friday, we will be posting some more detail on preparing for school including some of the things you really don’t need to do!