Water balloons!

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some water balloons here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor play. Some children might be worried initially about getting wet so there are some tips below to help them join in. Others will love to get everyone wet – so plan before you play and have fun!

As well as being fun, messing about with water balloons is great to building attention skills, learning new words, and also about sequences – this is really good for maths and writing later on.

Sensory issues?

Some children really don’t like the feel of being wet, so these ideas may help:

  • If your child doesn’t like the feel of cold water put warm water in the balloon.
  • If they don’t like getting their hands wet dry off the balloon after filling.
  • Try them wearing rubber or other gloves.
  • Model it a few times, your child may not want to do it themselves at first.