Laundry looking!

Did you know that helping you sort the clean clothes can be good for your child’s maths?  Or that it helps them learn how to concentrate or learn new words?

This idea is all about how to turn a bothersome daily chore into something you might enjoy together

As with everything, don’t feel you have to, and don’t force your child.  Stop when you’ve both had enough!

One thought on “Laundry looking!

  1. My little girl loves “helping” with daily chores. She is not quite 2 yet but she helps put the dirty clothes in the washing machine and she likes to pull all the clean clothes out again afterwards. She’s learning to be helpful and I always take the opportunity to tel her that she is helping. She’s now learnt the word ‘help’ and uses it across a range of tasks.
    it’ll be even better when she can help me sort the washing too!

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