Play and Talk is all you need!

Early learning at home is all about ways to play, learn and have fun.  Follow your child’s leads and interests and have a variety of things to do and places to go safely. Make sure you follow the Government advice on social distancing

Children need a mix of things and plenty of physical activities.  Screens and apps etc are fine but make sure they’re not used for too long and children’s experiences with them are as interactive as possible. 

We will soon be posting an idea everyday for how you can play and talk together with your child to promote their learning – literacy, maths, you name it! 

What about being ready for school in August?

You might have all kinds of worries about the future. If your child is due for school soon you might also worry about whether they will be ready and if they are missing out on early learning and childcare.

That’s natural and P1 teachers will be aware of this and adapt as they would with any new class.  This year will be a bit different, but the schools will be ready for it

And anyway, children are like sponges learning what they need from shared experiences of fun with you. Your child will still grow and develop at home with you

Tell us how you used this or any ideas you have!

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