Wiggly Woo!

A chance to get wiggling at the same time as learning all about words and sounds

Lots to explore too – can you find a worm (be gentle if you do)? Where do different animals like to live?

You can draw wiggly worms (really good outside with chalk or on sand or mud with a stick) or make some out of play dough

If you don’t know the tune or words, they are all on the sheet, with some fun videos too.

If the links on the pdf don’t work, then they are here:

BBC cartoon version

Mr Tumble with signing

Sleeping bunnies

Ever just feel like you could lie down and have a snooze?

Today’s song is all about the difference between being quiet and still and bouncing around. This is great fun, and also helps children develop skills to manage their levels of activity and feelings

And a chance to chat and learn about different animals and how they move about. A great one to do out and about with family or friends at a 2 metre distance too

Words, tune and two versions to watch (including one with signing) are on the downloadable sheet

I am a Tiger!

Today we have a story to share about a small mouse who thinks he is a tiger!

And why not? We learn in the story that even small people still have courage and dreams

It is a lot of fun to act out and pretend to be all the animals. And at the same time we learn about categories and comparing