Sticking to a task and getting jobs done

Sometimes children find it difficult to take part in jobs such as “tidy up” time.thCA3BPRSN

It can seem as if they don’t want to.  But often, the reasons are different.

It can be that they don’t really understand what they are being asked to do.  Or it can be that their attention gets grabbed by something more interesting.  Or maybe the job is difficult for them because they need some more work on their movement and co-ordination.

Check the Overview to see if the child needs some help with understandingmovement or coordination

Or click here for ideas to help with concentration and distractions

And here are some ideas for particular routines:

  • Give each child a specific job that they can manage at tidy up time, and train them in it
  • Use low key visual/music prompt reminders that it is now snack or tidy up time
  • Use songs to label and describe routines – e.g., tidy up, or a hand washing song