pause and wait

Your baby is born ready for chatting, using movements and expressions at first – then sounds – then words!

But it takes a long time to get a response together if you are only small.

If you talk to your baby, he or she will need a lot of time to process what they heard and work out a response.

At least 10 seconds, or even longer sometimes.  If you jump in too soon, your baby might forget what they were going to do.

Adults, on the other hand, find pauses uncomfortable, so you may have to keep reminding yourself to pause and wait for your baby.

It is all about taking turns – and this will be the foundation for your baby’s future social skills

Here is one way it can go:

  1. face your baby and listen to their “story” – sounds, looks, facial expressions
  2. copy the sounds and expressions, or label where they are looking
  4. baby will copy you too (or try too – it may need a bit of imagination on your part to see it)
  5. show you are really happy when they respond – smiles, cuddles, “well done” – and imitate them back
  6. take turns til your baby loses interest, or looks away – this usually means “wait a bit”