Learning more words to say

Children learn words by hearing them from those around them.  So be careful with questions, instead say the word for them to hear.

  • When the child is looking at something, pause and wait to see if they will comment on it, if not say what it is.
  • Learning words is active and we can give children words to hear as they are doing something (jumping, rolling, cutting etc) or eating something (its crunchy, sour, yummy etc)
  • Repeat repeat repeat – children learn words best when they hear the word more than once over time

If a child doesn’t always repeat what you have said, thats ok, they may just be listening to the words, if this continues they may need help to know how to copy or imitate what you have said, without you asking them to.

Sometimes children learn words on a topic they are very interested in-

Some ideas to help children with learning animal words – play @ home p32