Language and Literacy


Welcome to bumps2bairns!

These are some webpages we have created in Highland to help professionals and parents work out how to support children’s development.

You are welcome to browse them, and use any of the resources, and to leave us feedback and ideas too.

This page gives some of the key parts that you might look at as part of your study using the national CPD resource, to help you find them.


Developmental Overviews

The Developmental Overviews provide a way to track children’s development across key areas.  They are good for using with parents, as they show a child’s strengths as well as where they might have needs

At the moment, they cover age ranges from 3 to 5; there will be one for 2-year-olds out soon


Language Development

We have some simple posters to help with conversations and planning around language development.  They run from before birth through to school age – click here to find them

Some more ideas for language development can be found on the links below:


Babies & Infants


3-5 Year Olds



Children are developing and interest in using texts and making marks from when they are small babies. Here is a guide to how these Concepts of Print develop and how we can help

And clicking on the picture below will take you to a wide range of resources and ideas to support the development of literacy in early learning and childcare