Recording baby’s voice

The first time your baby hears his or her own voice played back is a moment to remember. He or she may not realise it is their voice for a while, and watching them work it out is a lot of fun.

Here’s how to do it

Set up your tablet, mobile phone or computer to record sound (most have a built in app for this). Put it near your baby and play or look at a book together. Choose something that allows you to be quiet, because it is most fun if your baby can only hear his or her voice when you play it back.
Wait for them to start babbling and record! Once you have a good sample or your baby’s range of sounds, play it back to them. This may take more than one sitting. You baby will probably respond with a puzzled expression, so let them know that, “Yes, that’s you!” Play the key moments over and over until realisation dawns.