Interesting voice

Any talk with your baby is great, but there is a special way of talking that he or she will really like and pay attention to.  And your baby will learn more from this and be more likely to “talk” back.

Some adults do this naturally, and some have to try on purpose – this does not mean anything, just that we are all different.

So if you are not sure what to do (and many people aren’t) then here are some ideas:

  • make your voice tuneful and interesting – this keeps your baby’s attention for longer.
  • use short and simple sentences
  • repeat words lots of times
  • speak nice and slowly and repeat phrases
  • emphasise some words by saying them by themselves – “dog!”, “ball!”
  • use bigger facial expressions to show feeling  – your baby might copy you
  • make funny faces too – your baby might smile and laugh

Here’s a video of one parent talking to her baby about what she wants

And another with some American football fans!