Further help for parents and carers

There is a wide natural range in how children develop.  But it can still be very worrying for parents and carers if they feel their child is not making progress.

Often, children “catch up”, and we can help them do this.  And if a child may have longer term support needs, the strategies on this website are still the right first steps.

Because they need to be done consistently and for a length of time, the best places to help children are at home and in nursery.

It is usually best if you can first share any concerns with your child’s nursery (if they go to one), as they will have a range of ideas and helps available.  They will complete a Developmental Overview with you to see how your child is in nursery as well as at home, and suggest some next steps you can all try.

If your child is not in nursery, or you are still worried – or you’ve been trying ideas on this website for a while and feel you need more help, then please use the contacts below:

  • For concerns about Movement, you can get advice from a physiotherapist by calling 01463 704419
  • For concerns about Understanding or Expression, then a speech and language therapist may be able to suggest ideas if you call 01463 705424