Feeding babies and infants

Feeding their baby is one of the things that parents can worry about most.  There is also no lack of people offering advice and opinions, and some companies are very clever in their marketing.

We’ve put together some of the most common questions, with answers from Highland’s dietitians, infant feeding advisors and others.  If you have a concern that is not covered here, please leave us a note, and we will add something on it.

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And here are some other things that parents often ask about …

How can I tell if my baby is hungry?

My baby is bringing up a lot of feed, what can I do?  (Content coming soon)

Should I feed my baby on demand, or get into a routine as soon as possible?

Looking ahead, you might find that your toddler becomes picky about what he or she eats.  This is quite normal, and you can find some ideas about this by following this link