babies and stairs

At some point, your baby might get interested in the stairs and in climbing.  Try not to panic!  You can help them with this, when they are ready, and make sure it is safe.

These are important skills, and climbing is great for developing your baby’s planning skills.  But it will need your help and support and constant supervision.

Your baby needs to be secure with head control, balance and crawling or shuffling.

We’ll give some tips below, but first:


  • All stairs should have gates at the top and the bottom
  • all climbing activities should be supervised until the child is at least 2 years of age
  • your baby is just interested in exploring, and has no idea of danger and a short attention span.  Supervision is essential to prevent injury
  • once your baby gets the knack of climbing, they will be off trying to climb all kinds of things!  Make sure low furniture is kept away from windows and that windows have locks or safety catches fitted to stop babies climbing out.


Supporting climbing
  • encourage your baby to climb up onto the couch and other low, stable, objects.  Teach him or her how to get off safely feet first on their tummy.
  • teach your child how to crawl up the stairs and how to come down safely.  Some children will crawl down backwards, some will slide on the tummy, and others will bump down on their bottom – all are normal, and all need close supervision
  • never let your child go up and down stairs on their own