COVID-19 and Learning at home

Over the next few days, we will be starting to offer daily tips for supporting the learning of all children 2-5 at home through playing and talking together.  These ideas will cover all kinds of learning and development, using things you will already have at home.

It will be a daily blog post, so please look out for it from Wednesday onwards – and subscribe to get them in your inbox if you wish!  And let us know any ideas you have or things you’d like to cover using the feedback tab

Supporting children’s development

These pages provide resources and ideas to help parents, Health Visitors, Early Years Practitioners and others to support young children’s development from birth to when they go to school.

Every child develops skills differently – sometimes in different orders and at different times. There is a lot we can do to help, often quite simple things that can make a difference.

All the resources on this site have been compiled or identified by specialist professionals based in the Highlands.  You can find out more about these on the About page.

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Babies & Infants


3-5 Year Olds
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The sections for toddlers and before birth are still being made. Please help, by letting us know what you think these should cover – click here to make a suggestion