I am so tired!

Of course you are!

Here’s why – cast your mind back to finding out you were going to have a baby.  How did this feel?

Were you feeling sick maybe, excited definitely, scared just a little? These emotions and bodily functions use up energy and are ongoing for a significant part of your pregnancy; we tend to forget these things as pregnancy moves on.  So hopefully after the first trimester you start to relax and the sickness has stopped hopefully.

What next, baby starts to move and kick and it can feel like they are playing a football game inside. Can you settle to rest? Does it keep you awake at night? Oh and maybe the heartburn kicks in. Your body really is being made to work hard. Into Trimester three and you have a good baby bump now. Can you get comfy, probably not? Can you sleep, probably not? Does your partner sleep, probably not? And on top off all this there is the hormones?

Baby is now due and we are in to the labour. You are exhausted from all the things pregnancy throws at you and labour can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining.


Should I be less tired now, though?

Your little bundle is here and you think “phew” I may get some sleep. Oh no baby needs fed and is up, it is instinct even if you have someone helping you for mum to waken when baby cries. When was the last time your body got some TLC and sleep? At least nine months ago I hear you say…


What can I do, then?
  • A wee bit of advice, take the help relatives friends etc offer. This is not being a bad parent but one that recognises you too need a little rest to recharge your energy levels.
  • Let people take baby for a walk, do your washing, or ironing or even take the hoover round the house. It is also fine for you to sleep when baby sleeps through the day.
  • If you go with the rhythmicity of your baby and rest when they are sleeping this will allow your body to recover.
  • And don’t be afraid to say how you are feeling to your Health Visitor, they care about you and your baby.  And they know that being tired is normal!