Starting school soon?

If your child is due to start school this August, this post is for you!

It is a big step in a child’s life and also for a parent or carer. We naturally worry about whether they will be OK, and whether they are ready.

This year in particular it would be understandable to be more concerned if children have missed out on time in early learning and childcare.

P1 teachers will be aware of this and they will adapt as they would with any new class.  This year will be a bit different, but the schools will be ready for it, and ready to take children on the next stage of their journey.

Over the next couple of days, and from time to time over the summer, we will be posting some ideas for what you can do at home through play and fun to prepare for school. There is nothing you have to do, there is no target to reach to be “ready”.

But lots you can do to help your child with learning and development, without even noticing. The main thing? Play and talk together, spend time, laugh, do silly things, get messy, go out and see the natural world, enjoy doing whatever you are doing – that is the foundation that children need most of all.